The Skills Nomad Evolution

There is an underground lifestyle movement happening all around you. You're either part of it, or you wish you were. That's if you even know about it. Most people don't. Not yet. Welcome to the other side.

Brooke Cagle - Nomadise - Remote Worker

Remote Workers

Telecommuting used to mean being shacked up somewhere working outside of the office of the company you’re working for, and this place was usually your house. Today, not only is being a remote worker a fast-growing trend, but these now-world travelling employees can be found on far-off continents nowhere near home!

Remote Work Statistics - Nomadise - Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads

Digital nomads live and breathe wifi connections, marry their smartphones, and owe their on-the-go travel lifestyles to cloud-based apps. They’re often spotted in coworking spaces and coffee shops the world over, easily recognisable by their ‘Life can’t get any better than this” look.

Digital Nomads Statistics
Jakob Owens - Nomadise - Skill Workers

Skilled Workers

Not everyone travels because their job or business allows them to. Depending on your skills, training, and/or knowledge about a certain topic or area of expertise, these can be highly sought after in many places in the world. In this day and age, you don’t need a degree to be an expert. You simply have to be good at what you do.

The Role of Skills in the Future Economy
Hipster Mum - Nomadise - Multipotentialite


A multipotentialite is someone who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life, and is good at a whole bunch of stuff. Multipotentialites have no “one true calling”, and as much as that may feel like a curse at times, when it comes to being able to travel the world full-time, being a multipotentialite is your destiny!

It’s OK to be an all-in-one!

Skills Nomadism Is Real and Happening

We live it daily, and it's changed our lives and transformed our futures

Hi! My name is Nadja, and one day, I decided to follow the white rabbit.

Our family hasn’t looked back since.

I’m a skills nomad, meaning that I use my skills set to travel the world full-time. Along with working with interesting people on exciting projects in exotic locations, I’m also a single mother to my 11yo travel partner. He, too, is a skills nomad in own right, and when he isn’t geeking out on one of his many interests and passions, he works on his own project, Have Minecraft, Will Travel.

The mainstay of our nomad lifestyle is to be together (we like each other too much not to be) and to have a great time doing what we love (life is too short and YOLO-esque not to do this). This way, we also get to put our trailblazer hats on and deconstruct the formula society passes on to individuals and families on how to be “successful”. I call this the 18-4-43 game: 18 years of school, 4 years of tertiary education, and then an average of 43 years of formal employment before, at the exhausted age of 65, we’re finally “free” and ready to “live”.

Months on the Road
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Skills Used

How I Have Operated as a Skills Nomad


Transformational Coach

A background in psychology lead to coaching, and a background being a character in The Story of Life lead to being a sister-in-arms to other amazing mamas ‘n papas who want to break free from the past or break out into the future they want for themselves.

Practical Self-Parenting


Marketing-Comms Consultant

Lessons learned from a career running a digital marketing and branding agency, and heading up digital marketing and multimedia communications for a multibillion-dollar company, I employ my marketing and communications skills working with amazing businesses as I make my way around the world. I specialise in environmental and ecologically-friendly projects.


Writer and Editor

I am writer-editor for Invest in Blockchain, a crypto-currency technology blog. I am also a freelance copywriter and editor. Some of my writing samples can be found on LinkedIn. When I’m not writing for work, I write for fun, and am currently working on my first book about the interplay between technology and the natural world.


ESL and IELTS Teacher-Tutor

I love words and I love language. When I’m not writing or editing for myself or for others, I teach and tutor Cambridge IELTS and business English. I do this online and in-house, catering to prospective international study-students, and businesspeople aiming for a targeted language curriculum. Learn more.

I spent the first 13 years of adulthood flitting in and out of the stock standard societal mind trap we’re all familiar with. In the process, I managed to pick up a couple of professional qualifications, a massive range of skills, innumerable life XP points (mostly thanks to all the glorious mistake-making I’ve engaged in!) and an amazing – no, uber-incredible – son. Ultimately, once I became gutsy enough to put my money where my mouth was, I then left behind a long hìstory as an entrepreneur and a short and mostly miserable stint as a high-flying corporate hotshot at a multibillion-dollar multinational so the two of us could hit the road…indefinitely!

Daily, we reinvent the questionable societal success recipe that’s making many millions of people the world over feel pretty darn bleh, to suit who we are and what type of lives we like to lead. Whatever we’re busy with at any given time, our main “jobs” remain the same: professional life designers! (because who is more of an expert at doing our lives than we are – and who is more knowledgeable about what our lives should be like?!) As skills nomads, we get to wake up every day and decide what that day’s version of paradise living will look like!

We live a highly unconventional lifestyle – so we’ve heard – but on a daily basis, living it, it’s the most natural thing we’ve ever done, and my only regret is not starting this journey sooner!

I’m a connector of dots, a connector of passionate pursuits, and a connector of who-I-am-ness with the who-they-are-ness of others. As a skills nomad, my “job” can change weekly (as can our location!), but the same keywords tend to apply: transformation, reimagination, teaching, coaching, and storytelling. I’m a writer and a marketing, communications, language, education and training, and human psyche professional. In the realm of skills nomadism where I reside, my main income sources come to me through writing, consultation work, and coaching.

Unsurprisingly, it’s this combination of loving what I choose to do, and loving where I choose to do it, that makes me get up with a huge smile on my face each morning. That, and hanging out with my son whenever-wherever. Cos life, for me, is nothing if not filled with love, freedom, and meaning!

The Bester Bunch

Nadja Minecraft Illustration


The One with the Map

I’m the spontaneous one with the brainwaves, saying, “Let’s go (take photos) there!” and, “Let’s whirlwind through this town in 3 days straight so we can jetset off to our next destination!” I’m also the one who has to carry the heavy luggage (and the one who overpacked to begin with), so my motto becoming, “Let’s slow down and watch the sunset.”

Alexander Minecraft Illustration


The One with Minecraft

I’m the guy who likes to worldschool my way through life, leaving no gaming, coding, YouTubing, 3D-designing stone unturned. I’m as easygoing as they come, but spending 6 hours at every museum we visit gets to me, and does my mom really have to take photos of everything that moves? But life’s good, and travelling is eggcellent! (I love egg puns.) Visit my website!

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